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Camille Adair, RN

Santa Fe, NM

Within the sector of healthcare we encounter the human condition at our finest, and yet each one of us walks with something elusive, and persistent, at our side that compromises our humanity, our health, and our ability to unite. It is this paradox that has called my attention and directs my life’s

I have worked as a bedside hospice nurse, educator, executive director, health care leader, consultant, CEO and political advocate. I have worked on Capitol Hill with the American Nurses Association as an American Nurses Advocacy Institute Fellow and served on the Board of Directors for the New Mexico Nurses Association as the NM Interest Group Chair for Healthy Nurse | Healthy New Mexico. I have managed large budgets, large egos and made many mistakes.

I have been awarded healthcare grants, made movies, and predictably got sick, burned out, and for a time, I dropped out.

In the youth of my elderhood, I find that I am becoming more clearly focused on who I am and why I am here. After years of working to Humanize Health Care, I have discovered a consistent blind spot
from the bedroom to the boardroom to the bedside: Relationship.

Relearning Human Connection in the face of hierarchy, reductionism, loneliness, and isolation in the age of technology is my life’s work and I am grateful to be in the company of courageous and spirited TOS change-makers, where our shared humanity is the ground that supports our work in helping healers and healthcare.