Manjeet Kaur Tangri, RA, IIA

International Liaison
Albuquerque, USA & Chandigarh, India

During my 35-year, public service career as an urban design planner/architect, my passion was creating environments which were functional and beautiful. In 1970, I migrated to the United States where I subsequently earned a Master in Architecture at Harvard University. When planning cities, neighborhoods or designing buildings, ‘physical, economic, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing’ of the end users was of utmost importance…just as it is in our individual lives.

I have many (multi-generational) physicians in my family and circle of friends spanning two continents. I have seen firsthand their struggle to balance caring for their patients, increasing administrative demands, and the wellbeing of their families. I’ve also learned of the challenges facing nurses from my mentor and friend Marie Manthey, internationally recognized nurse-leader and author. This awareness became instrumental in my getting involved with The Osler Symposia (TOS).

Growing up with Sikh values–Integrity, Compassion, Sharing, and Service– I strive to live by these guiding principles. Now retired, I am able to devote more time to honoring them by serving communities home and abroad.

I have volunteered with many non-profit organizations in my two countries. Two in particular are the Endorphin Power Company (EPC) in Albuquerque, New Mexico and Bhai Jaitajee Foundation (BJF) in India. At EPC, which provides housing and a healthy environment for the city’s underserved addicts and alcoholics, I devoted many hours including as a Board of Director.

Through EPC I learned of the Osler Symposia. I attended the first two conferences and found them to be inspiring, educational, and life-altering experiences. The Osler Symposia has become another worthy organization I choose to serve.