Mark Mancuso, MHA

Grand Junction, Colorado

In my teens, I got to know and admire several medical students and residents through my church. Their collective and individual examples of living a purposeful life were powerful. Not only were they devoted to their studies and training, they showed me that it was possible—even desirable—to live a balanced life that valued, pursued, and enjoyed education, athletics, family, and spirituality.

Though I developed great respect for these guys, 10th-grade biology made it clear I would not be one of them! After searching for a professional path to follow, I ended up obtaining a bachelor’s degree in accounting and a Master of Health Administration degree. That career choice and subsequent professional opportunities allowed me to support frontline clinicians from within their organizations. at the same time never becoming detached from them. My time in healthcare consistently benefited from close working relationships with physicians along a wide spectrum of specialties and organizational structures. These fulfilling experiences, with rare exceptions, did nothing but increase my utmost respect for them, their profession, and the work they do.

When I was asked to become a member on The Osler Symposia board, I accepted. I knew my non-clinician vantage point, and experience and expertise, would be of value. Witnessing my sister’s fervent commitment to physician and nurse wellbeing over many years—and my subsequent first-hand knowledge—have made me appreciate the magnitude of clinician burnout and recognize the fallout within medical organizations. My life is fuller because I am part of TOS, an organization founded to serve physicians and nurses who care for us every single day.

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