3rd Osler Symposium

Exhibitor And Sponsorship Opportunities

To Potential Sponsors and Exhibitors:

We ask that you thoughtfully and seriously consider our invitation to become a supporter of The Osler Symposia (TOS) and its programs. Physician and nurse burnout is a crisis that is significantly impeding healthcare delivery in the US and countries around the world. Surprisingly large numbers of clinicians are retiring early, quitting mid-career, or going part-time in their attempt to survive the discordance between the high ideals of their calling and the morally injurious reality of being doctors and nurses today. The projected shortages are staggering. Sadly, suicide is another path. Roughly 400 doctors per year take their own lives.

Our board of directors intentionally set registration fees low for our August program in order to attract as many clinicians-in-need as possible. But we can’t do it alone. We need your help. We invite you to partner with us in this important endeavor.

Thank you.

Sam Slishman, MD
President, The Osler Symposia
Co-Chair, 3rd Osler Symposium

Camille Adair, RN
Vice President, The Osler Symposia
Co-Chair, 3rd Osler Symposium

Janice Mancuso
Founder & Executive Director
The Osler Symposia

The following sponsorship levels are designed to appeal to healthcare systems, medical insurance corporations, and other companies and organizations that wish to support TOS’s mission, and be able to visit with participants who attend the 3rd Osler Symposium in August.

Clinician-level Conference Passes are included with each level that sponsors can give to employed clinicians or other interested individuals who would benefit by attending. Our Exhibit Opportunities are more affordable options for consideration.

* If you prefer to download the Exhibitor & Sponsorship Opportunities information and application form, please click the button below.

Friends of The Osler Symposia

This designation was created for non-profit organizations, for-profit companies …and individuals… that wish to financially support TOS. All who contribute at this level will be listed as Charter Friends of The Osler Symposia on the website, and the list will be displayed in the conference Registration Area in August.

Company, organization, professional society, etc — $500

Individual — $100

*All contributions made at this level are tax-deductible. You will receive a thank you letter that will serve as you receipt for tax purposes.

The Osler Symposia (TOS) is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization—founded in 2015—that produces programs focused on the health and wellbeing of physicians and nurses, at the individual level. Named for Sir William Osler, its mission is to create time and space for clinicians to gather, learn, exercise, have fun, and be inspired. These transformative experiences will allow for doctors and nurses in attendance to return to their daily lives, fortified, hopeful, renewed and recommitted to their calling and their work.